USpace Team: A small group changing the world

Tobin Brogunier, Cofounder and CEO

Tobin Brogunier USpace Chief Executive Officer

Tobin is Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of USpace, the Atlanta-based company that builds USpace Professional Services on iOS, Android and web apps. Tobin has worked in media, marketing and digital sales for major corporations and small businesses across the U.S. over the past 25 years. As CEO he manages marketing, legal, and product vision. Tobin has published articles and produced videos for Entrepreneur, CoFounders Town,, Privacy Matters, and other publications. Member International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Sam Agarwal, Cofounder and CTO

Sam Agarwal USpace Chief Technology Officer

Sam is Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of USpace, the Atlanta-based company that builds the USpace Professional Services on iOS, Android and web apps. Sam guides the development process of USpace technology product development across every mobile and backend application. Sam leads an experienced team of full-stack mobile app developers and web designers. He holds a BS in Computer Science and is a candidate at Georgia Tech for Masters of Computer Science. Sam mentors startups as Advisor of Mobile App Technology for the Atlanta Tech Village, one of the leading U.S. co-working space entities located in Atlanta.

Greg Morin, Financial Operations Advisor

Greg Morin USpace Financial Operations Advisor

Greg provides accounting and bookkeeping expertise to the USpace team. Greg has worked with multiple technology startups and manages technical development for his business Seachem. As USpace Financial Operations Advisor, Morin (Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Notre Dame) brings his experience as Chief Financial Officer at Seachem Laboratories (, a Georgia-based manufacturer and global supplier of freshwater, saltwater and reef aquarium products. Seachem has been supplying ornamental aquarium markets since 1980 with products available in over 50 countries worldwide.

Mike Boyle, Executive Advisor to CEO

Mike Boyle USpace Advisor to CEO

Mike is an experienced executive with both public company and start-up organizations. Mike has served as a P&L executive as GM, SVP, COO and CEO. Tested and successful in sales, marketing, manufacturing, product development, software development, finance, budgeting, strategic planning, mergers/acquisitions, negotiations, staff development and recruiting, an entrepreneurial catalyst for the development of new business and expansion of existing products/services.

Tobin Sprout, Media Strategy Advisor

Tobin Sprout USpace Media Strategy Advisor

Tobin officially advises the business on media and audience strategy, publicity, and media. A founding member of seminal indie rock band Guided By Voices, Sprout wrote and collaborated on legendary albums like Bee Thousand, ranked #1 in Amazon’s Greatest Indie Rock Albums of All Time. Since the late 1990s, Sprout has been recording as a solo artist and is currently releasing new music. For over 30 years, Sprout has been quietly creating inspired and technically superb photorealist and expressionist paintings

Dan Tentler, Information Security Advisor

Dan Tentler USpace Information Security Advisor

Dan has been leading information security firm Phobos Group ( since 2016 after years working at companies like FICO, BT, Intuit, Rapid7 and Twitter as an Information Security Engineer and Consultant. Dan has made a name for himself by creating novel ways to fingerprint internet-connected assets, and automated that into Phobos Group’s repertoire of services. Phobos Group is currently debuting “Phobos Orbital Reconnaissance”, an automated subscription platform for discovering and enumerating internet connected assets to find likely candidates for attackers to exploit. He has been a featured speaker at many leading Information Security conferences across the United States and abroad, including DEFCon, BSides, Sec-T, Hack in the Box and many more.

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