Anyone can connect to your business for free

About USpace Public Membership

As a business hosting a premium privacy space, you need access to your customers, clients, suppliers, vendors, staff – any key person or organization that you need to talk to, needs to be accessible to you on USpace.

As extraordinary as USpace is, it’s too early to expect all your clients or every organization you work with to buy a Business Membership to join you on USpace. This is why USpace Public Members can join and use USpace for free, forever.

Public Members enjoy many of the same protections and privileges as our Business Members, but for them it’s free to sign up as individuals to securely access your business and have access to the USpace network. Public Members can even host their own Private Rooms and invite others on USpace to join them in their private discussions.

As the benefits of a local and global business network built on a foundation of privacy becomes clear, people from other businesses may join you as a Business Member in the future. In the meantime, anyone – including people from other businesses, agencies and organizations – can join and connect with you on USpace as a Public Member for free.

Note: Free USpace Public Memberships will resume after the Virtual Storefronts campaign

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