Andrews field office opening night

From there to here: The Story of USpace

  • Virtual Storefronts Always Local, Nationwide Logo

    September 2020

    JC Christensen leads the Virtual Storefronts crowdfunding kickoff on Indiegogo

  • Dan Tentler USpace Information Security Advisor

    September 2020

    Dan Tentler of becomes USpace's InfoSec Advisor

  • Mike Boyle USpace Advisor to CEO

    July 2020

    Retired Chicago-area CEO Mike Boyle joins USpace as Advisor to CEO

  • Virtual Storefronts Always Local, Nationwide Logo

    June 2020

    Virtual Storefronts link goes live with Support Local Business contest announcement
  • Virtual Storefronts logo

    May 2020

    USpace announces development of Virtual Storefronts will move from 2021 to 2020
  • May 2020

    Bulletproof Live airs May 06 hosted by Tim Radford of WKRK in Murphy, North Carolina. 1000+ views, Watch

  • Screenshot of USpace login screen floating in galaxy - Milky Way Galaxy by Felix Mittermeier /

    Apr 2020

    USpace Support (, a support community for USpace Members, launches on

  • Apr 2020

    100 Lifetime Memberships go on pre-sale. USpace is available for the first time to business clients in advance of $36/month subscription. Limited to 100.

  • USpace laptop view - Covid Response Demo

    Mar 2020

    Port Miami: Covid Response Simulation video released March 25, 2020

  • ONLINE by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

    Feb 2020

    USpace customers and staff work together to create the USpace Vision Statement: Online for the future

  • USpace Q&A Feature in

    Jan 2020

    Startup journal, founded by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, publishes feature Q&A with Tobin at USpace

  • Jan 2020

    USpace launches public Changelog to track technical issues and submit feedback

  • Floating app - Welcome to a secure world

    Dec 2019

    USpace i2.2 released bringing edit/delete across the platform; image support across all posts and status updates; and refresh advance to chronological Universal Feed

  • Andrews field office opening night

    Nov 2019

    Andrews Field Office, 100 miles north of Atlanta in North Carolina, opens to bring USpace directly to small business clients.

    WKRK broadcasts opening night remarks and demos Live from Andrews on Facebook drawing over 1,800 views

  • Oct 2019

    Graham Gintz joins USpace as Investor Relations Advisor

  • Aug 2019

  • Aug 2019

    Tobin marries Rachel Joy Aaron on August 05 in St. Simons, Georgia

  • May - Dec 2019

    Professional Services develops backend admin console on USpace for business subscription customers' premium service.

  • Privacy Matters show - Tobin explaining one unsolvable problem to rule them all

    May 2019

    One unsolvable problem to rule them all” becomes popular Privacy Matters video on YouTube

  • Better privacy than email home screen

    May 2019 public information website launches

  • Apr 2019

    USpace closes first round of outside investment; adds partners Greg Morin as Financial Operations Advisor and Tobin Sprout, founder of band Guided by Voices, as Media Strategy Advisor.

    Yes, there are two Tobins at USpace

  • Mar 2019

    USpace becomes registered trademark at U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

  • Mar 2019

    USpace global web browser app launches at

  • Feb 2019

    "4 Reasons  Why Social Media Has Become So Toxic and What To Look for Next" by Tobin is published in Entrepreneur Magazine with hundreds of shares

  • Jan 2019

    First public information website (legacy site at launches

  • Oct 2018

    @USpaceOfficial launches on Twitter for platform status updates and official announcements

  • Oct 2018

    Apple approves USpace iOS app for launch in Apple App Store

  • Sep 2018

    Google approves USpace Android app for launch in Google Play Store

  • Aug 2018

    First draft of USpace Mission Statement is completed

  • Aug 2018

    USpace Terms and Conditions and privacy policy are completed by a top DC privacy lawyer who is paid to remove data mining provisions built into a corporate technology template

  • USpace Midtown Atlanta - 1100 Peachtree St

    May 2018

    USpace becomes incorporated as Unpublished Space LLC, a Georgia Limited Liability Corporation

  • Advanced Permission Design - illustration

    May 2018

    Tobin invents “Advanced Permission Design,” the proprietary connection protocol that protects every person, and protects every organization connected on USpace.

    With APD and a user interface (UI) design made to be adopted by the non-technical public, USpace becomes the first viable bridge between enterprise business and the general public since email.

  • Sam Agarwal CTO Co-Founder USpace

    Apr 2018

    Sam Agarwal becomes co-founder and CTO of USpace leading to the deployment of iOS and Android apps within 6 months

  • Apr 2018

    A friend from Oberlin College posts to Facebook, "There has got to be another way, personally and professionally, to keep in touch with all you wonderful people besides Facebook."

    At that point Tobin was in the process raising seed money for 2018 development; sketching USpace app screens; and hiring professional designers and developers to build USpace on Android and iOS in 2018

  • Mar 2018

    Research, cost estimates, and preliminary plans are made to determine how, when and who will build a global privacy platform on iOS, Android and web.

  • Dec 2017 - Mar 2018

    Tobin’s experience as a content marketing expert in Facebook’s sprawling, chaotic publishing environment combines with the social deterioration Facebook was causing in society to transform Unpublished.Space into USpace.

    Tobin envisions giving valuable content a much better context. This desire merges with the idea of private access blogs and the first version of USpace is born in sketches.

  • Nov 2017

    Tobin purchases www.Unpublished.Space for 99¢ with an idea to host unpublished manuscripts by author friends with access controlled by the author - a kind of cluster of private blogs with authors controlling who has access.

    This is the idea that eventually becomes USpace, where every member can share sensitive and essential content with safety, security, and privacy baked in from the start.

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