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Information is THE commodity of our time. Your business runs on it. Your clients need you to keep it safe. Big tech builds fortunes on it.

Yet our lives online today are more hazardous than ever. Email is not secure. Social networks are not safe. Life online will only become more essential. Our networks need to become safe and effective.

We need a better place online to live our lives. We need basic safety. We need to upgrade the network from dangerous media to useful tool. We need a place so secure, we can safely do real business.

Built on security, safety and privacy, USpace is made to protect you online into the future. USpace is where secure business gets done.

“I believe a privacy-focused communications platform will become even more important than today’s open platforms…I believe we should be working towards a world where people can speak privately and live freely knowing that their information will only be seen by who they want to see it.”

“People increasingly also want to connect privately in the digital equivalent of the living room… Privacy gives people the freedom to be themselves and connect more naturally.”

Mark Zuckerberg F8 2018 Keynote by Anthony Quintano via Wikicommons.org
A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking,” Mark Zuckerberg, March 06, 2019



Technical features like encryption mean nothing if the people running your platform promise you nothing but features. Encryption supports non-binding claims of “security” and “privacy” by dangerous companies that won’t make your life online safe. USpace is a service taking responsibility for your safety.

Published vs. Unpublished

Ever wonder why Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter – even messaging services like Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram – never, ever resolve their problems? Why every week someone new is talking about democracy being crushed; the new successful propaganda campaign; a mob ‘canceling’ someone or spreading lies; or entire populations of people being targeted for racial extermination using Facebook?

Why not just stop it?

The answer is they can’t, because their business model depends on allowing everyone to publish almost anything. The harms are built into the model. Usually all these services can do is damage control after the harm is done.

Watch Privacy Matters, “One unsolvable problem to rule them all” to see how this works.

No snakes in the garden

Look at Facebook as a ‘Walled Garden.” Who and what gets in, and what is allowed in the garden, is decided by the people who create and run the garden.

All kinds of dangerous ‘snakes’ that are allowed into published social media ‘gardens’ are blocked from your life on USpace by default:

• You can’t be discovered by other users on or off USpace until you agree to connect to that person, knowing their email address in real life

• No politician, news outlet, fake profile, robot profile, scam artist, or random stalker can touch your profile – or even know you are on USpace – unless you intentionally connect with them

• We don’t filter what you see on USpace, everything that happens appears to you in chronological order

• We don’t permit advertising on USpace, businesses pay to do business in a protected, private space as a premium service to their customers, who access the garden for free.

• What you do when you are on USpace is between you and only the people who are in any one conversation. Everyone outside a conversation is completely blocked from that discussion. This is why we call these Post and Comment text chats ‘Digital Conference Rooms.”

By blocking other entities and making your activity visible to only you and the people who you are conducting business with, USpace has created an online space so discreet, real life business can be conducted here safely.

No third party access

Remember Cambridge Analytica? That was when we found out tens of thousands of Facebook users who took a ‘researcher’s’ quiz had their data sold to Cambridge Analytica, a political marketing firm, without their knowledge.

But they also collected data from thousands of people who never agreed to take the quiz, Facebook Friends of the people who did take the quiz.

The company that bought the data off the professor engineered powerful, psychologically manipulative advertising for the 2016 Trump campaign, without any of these Facebook users ever knowing.

This is a single, isolated example of how Facebook has given companies with all kinds of unexamined motivations and goals massive data collecting access to nearly any third party vendor.

• No third parties, like the company Cambridge Analytica, are given permission to enter USpace, because USpace can’t control what these businesses want or need, or what they are willing to do, like extracting your data to create more effective advertising

• No third parties are granted access to the garden because giving third parties access keys to platforms is a top cause of external security breaches at platforms like Facebook

You can’t put leaked data ‘back in the bottle.’ That’s why USpace is making a service that is safe for you. Prohibiting third parties from gathering data on our platform makes your life online safer by eliminating risk to you.

Our commitment to not allowing ourselves or others gather your data is so strong, we are legally bound to not collect your data, as written in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

True Privacy, True Safety

While Mark Zuckerberg uses encryption to imply his products are safe without addressing a single core issue that makes Facebook products dangerous and invasive, USpace has reverse engineered the entire idea of the social network to create the leading online safety network in the world.

The foundation of USpace’s safety is built from our proprietary connection protocol, Advanced Permission Design, which keeps your online life and activities private to only you and those you share conversations with

• Free enterprise level safety and security in a design more intuitive than Facebook facilitates widespread adoption among the public

• Networked communication on USpace is so secure for people and organizations that communication can span across government agencies, banks, lawyers, financial institutions, consultants, medical institutions and the everyday home user in a single environment

Advanced Permission Design makes USpace the safest network for people ever available to the public.



USpace has the power of a network. But unlike social media networks, USpace is totally private and ready to tackle serious business.

Easy To Use

Anyone who can use Facebook can easily use USpace. USpace is free to the public and any ‘business of one’ right now. In Spring 2020, for just $36/mo, any business can setup global privacy on USpace. For all USpace members, only you, your clients, and staff can access your conversations. We don’t data-mine or invite ourselves into your conversation, just because you’re using our platform.

US-Based Security

Your email can easily be sent to the least secure server in the world. Your clients won’t put up with an avoidable risk forever. On USpace conversations and messages are encrypted in transit and at rest on our US-based, independently run servers. USpace connections are totally discreet, blocking other users, stalkers, bots and common network distractions by default.

Accessible To All

A network needs multiple points of access to fit your life. USpace is available anywhere, from any device, with free iOS and Android apps and a mobile web-app that runs on any current browser, on any device in the world, at www.unpublished.space

Less Time

You don’t need more technology; you need technology that replaces old technology and saves time. USpace gives you a complete view of your personal and work business in a single, streamlined app, so you can quickly see what is happening, respond, and move on to real life.


Put an end to time wasted collecting sprawling email records, phone call notes, and messages for your entire office. USpace is command and control for all your important business. Centralize projects, teams, and client relationships in a single feed that updates you chronologically in real time as discussions develop.



All your staff and clients have a custom ‘need to know’ view, where they monitor only the team and client conversations they need to be in. Only members of a private Room even know the conversation exists. USpace gives every staff member a customized panorama of work. You control staff accounts and assign who can host rooms for clients and teams.

Easily sort many conversations

The core activity on USpace is in private conversations only people in that “Room” know exist – like a group chat. Think of each Room as a different Slack channel. Except that each conversation is broken up into smaller posts that can be replied to specifically – not on a general thread. On USpace, you can host conversations for your Trusted Connections, or be a guest in a Room hosted by your Trusted Connection. Every conversation you host or are a guest in has a visual short cut, making it easy to get where you need to go.

Track every new post from every separate room in one feed

The USpace Universal Feed allows you to monitor all your conversations chronologically in a single place

The USpace Universal Feed is where the power of communicating on a network starts to be clear. The Universal Feed takes every new post from all your Rooms and organizes them into a single feed showing you new information in real time. Any time anyone posts or adds a reply to a Room post, that post moves to the top of your Universal Feed, alerting you to new information. 

The Universal Feed is chronological, so you can monitor activity for 10, 15, even 50 or 100 separate private conversations, all at the same time, in a single place. 

Message your Trusted Connections directly

One to one messaging to any Trusted Connection happens right inside USpace

Trusted Connections can message each other directly from the app – and all communications are encrypted at rest and in transit in a single server environment. 

Direct messages and Room conversations on USpace are far more secure than email, which can be sent and received from servers owned and operated by anyone in the world.

Every conversation is organized by posts

Every conversation is organized by individual posts, so you only see replies to topics that are relevant. Every post and comment represents an email you never had to send across unsecured servers, or phone call you had to schedule.

Connect globally with total privacy

USpace is designed to support a peaceful and safe life online for years to come. Until you confirm you know a person in real life, Advanced Permission Design blocks you from everyone and everything that could possibly reach you on USpace. Connections made between users and invitations to private Room conversations are discreet and private. Artificial intelligence bots, fake profiles, stalkers, time wasters, advertisers, outrage junkies and every other common network frustration are left out of your life online – forever – leaving you and your clients with a powerful global network free of clutter and uninvited network distractions like data mining, ads and algorithm filtering.


Download the free iOS or Android app, or just create your account at www.unpublished.space

Your account email is how you are identified by your Trusted Connections as a real human, so the email you use to signup will stay the same.

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