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USpace Founder & CEO

Tobin Brogunier

Tobin studied English literature with a focus in Art History at Oberlin College. Since graduating in 1995, Tobin has developed and published innovative work as an editorial / commercial print media photographer and social media content marketer since 2010.

Tobin grew up with a tight-knit group of friends in Little City Bangor, a neighborhood that was home to vanguard models of 1980's home computing such as Atari 800's, TRS-80's and Commodore 64's. These treasures of early personal computing were distributed among various friends and in heavy use.

Tobin's father Joe had a distinguished career as an English professor and Paideuma journal editor that spanned 40 years at the University of Maine.

As the social media crisis unfolded after Election 2016, Tobin started seeing things like his father, who had a one sentence response to a 2008 synopsis of Facebook as global publishing platform: "That's going to be a problem."

Tobin started encountering other problems with social media. It wasn't making his marketing work significantly more effective or improving his personal relationships. Channeling Joe, Tobin started analyzing “social-life as publishing” from a more critical perspective.

Prognosis: ‘Social 1.0’ is converting everything personal into published media, then forcing it in the middle of our private relationships. Overall, this conversion of personal to media degrades instead of supports personal digital connections on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A problem solver by nature, Tobin harnessed a lifetime of media technology experience and a very talented team of contractors to create a completely new kind of social network, a “private social network” with a contemporary posting structure and a clean minimalist design, without a single ad, algorithm, spy, troll, stranger, bot, propagandist or publisher forced between you and your personal relationships.

Business partners backing USpace and Brogunier also figured out that USpace doesn't need to invade your privacy or push ads in front of you to have a sustainable double bottom line that protects your privacy while running a profitable business.

By February 2019, Entrepreneur Magazine started picking up what Tobin has been putting down with the widely shared article "4 Reasons Why Social Media Has Become So Toxic and What to Look for Next."

Today Tobin runs the world’s private social network from Atlanta, GA. The next iteration of the social network is called USpace®, short for our Georgia limited liability company, Unpublished Space LLC and web app URL

We invented our own tech sector and Mark Zuckerberg has noticed. He likes to reference our materials without attribution when he talks about the one thing we’ve got that he can never have: A platform built from the ground up on a foundation of pure identity protection and privacy.

USpace is a private network for anyone that is so secure, celebrities can safely use it to connect with everyone in a single place. A platform so powerful, it can replace the need for phone calls, text messages, and email for anyone connected on it.

Welcome to the future of personal and business communications for tech citizens of the 21st century. Welcome to USpace.

Sales of paintings like this one "not-using" Facebook Groups made Brogunier realize that, for a social network, Facebook was uniquely bad at getting real life done.

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