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Your small business has a monopoly on service. Now there’s an app for that.

Wherever your customers are, they can reach you for what they can’t get anywhere else online: Your knowledge, insight and passion about the products and services you provide.

Virtual Storefronts let small business owners connect to what matters most: Customers and sales

Small business owners don’t need another website presentation to build; Facebook Page Like to buy; or online inventory to photograph, organize and upload to Amazon. USpace Virtual Storefronts give you and your customers a fast, easy and affordable way to bring the local sales experience to the virtual world.

USpace Virtual Storefronts FAQ

Yes. By the time you pay USpace the first dollar from your small business budget, we want you to be 110% certain our service is right for your business.

We also want virtual storefront sales right in front of you, on your balance sheet, to show you the value USpace has to your business. 

This means we’re giving you 90 days before we start your subscription, which will be under $50 a month and include everything you need to do sales.

The only fee you will incur is the standard credit card charge we incur for the processing of a sale, and that is only when you sell something on USpace.

For every small business serving local retail goods and services to the public, there are never any commission fees and there is no limit to the number of transactions your business can conduct from your virtual storefront.

You simply pay USpace a flat monthly ‘rental’ rate to run your storefront and gain access to the global base of USpace public members, who can visit your business virtually and make a purchase securely whenever they want.

We know what running a small business is like, and that is exactly why we designed USpace to be a low cost service that has a fixed cost you can budget for easily no matter the season.

Here’s another fun fact you’re going to love: USpace has no customer ratings for your business. Period.

Any small business with retail sales to the public in the United States and US territories is eligible to open a Virtual Storefront for business on USpace. 

Any Public Member on USpace’s global network, from your neighbor down the street looking for groceries or supplies to the custom guitar parts fan across the world, will be able to visit your store, and easily make purchases securely from your business with the credit card they use for all their USpace purchases.

Specialty shops and retailers who currently have an online store can open Virtual Storefronts.

Some priority invitations may be given to retail businesses that primarily serve the public from their physical location over stores with an established online presence.

Online sales restrictions that are pertinent to your trade, such as gun sales or other sensitive materials, are subject to the same restrictions as any other online sale.

The cost to your business is fixed at $49/mo with everything you need included. There are no commission charges or hidden fees. Your business does pay terminal fees for transactions with no surcharge by USpace. Most future upgrades will be included in your Virtual Storefront subscription.

Registering your business to open a virtual storefront is free with no obligation. 

Virtual Storefronts were originally planned as Phase II development of USpace in 2021, after our recently released Phase I development of Professional Services.

Small businesses are asking how they can do business virtually now, so we are moving forward with Phase II immediately.

There are a lot of moving parts in technology development, but we expect to launch by July 2020.

USpace is a security, safety and privacy network used by professionals to communicate with clients. 

Because our paying Business Members must have access to their clients – and your Virtual Storefront must likewise have access to your customers – Public Membership on USpace is always 100% free.

Anyone can become a Public Member on USpace right now and use our service to privately communicate with connections. 

Virtual Storefronts for small business are born out of a knowledge of the challenges small businesses face and a passion for the success of local retail. 

In addition to running his own small businesses, USpace CEO, Tobin Brogunier, has worked with dozens of small businesses and organizations as a photographer and social media marketer since 1995.

Read the USpace Vision Statement “Online for the future,” a collaboration between our customers and staff, for more information about why USpace is the right company to partner with into the future.

Our service is simple: Create an efficient and simple way for you to communicate with your customers virtually and make remote payment easy.

The data we need to create your Virtual Store you have already provided in the form below. There is no inventory to maintain. There is no website to manage; domain to register; or e-commerce inventory to upload and track.

You will need one photo for your listing. Everything else is just chatting with customers and making sales.


There will be a private dispute resolution process, but Virtual Storefronts do not have a public ratings system.

Virtual Storefronts are currently limited to small businesses in the United States. The first businesses to register will be the first Virtual Storefronts opened on USpace. 

If you’re signing up early, your business may also be chosen as a pilot when our prototype is available. Priority will be given to locally-owned small businesses with physical retail sales.

Call your favorite local businesses now and tell them you are waiting to visit their Virtual Storefront. While you’re on the phone, you can even order something from them the old fashioned way, by phone!

USpace will send out a notification to everyone in the area on USpace every time a new local business opens a Virtual Storefront on USpace

While you’re waiting, you’ll want to become a Public Member for free now. You can even start using USpace Professional Services with your lawyer, accountant, Board of Directors, and financial advisor while you wait.

As soon as Virtual Storefronts open your USpace profile will have direct, instant access to every single Virtual Storefront in every local town anywhere in America.

The future is private.
Welcome to a secure world.

Business leads the way to a future of online privacy by paying for privacy for all.
USpace prohibits data mining, search of our Member base, advertising and algorithms.

Request invitation to open a Virtual Storefront

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We’ll send you a link to register when you’re approved

Registration is free, requires no deposit and has no obligation. First registered is first to open on USpace this summer.

We look forward to opening your business on the world's safety, security and privacy network, USpace

USpace Virtual Storefront logo floating in Milky Way by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels
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