USpace Professional Services

Released April 2020

Facebook is for marketing.
USpace is for business.

USpace Business Members use USpace to organize workflow for themselves and their staff; provide a secure channel for high-value clients; and seamlessly and securely connect to other workers across any organization in the world. USpace protects every person. USpace protects every organization.

USpace is where secure business gets done.

Email is risky business

Email is not a secure way to communicate with clients in 2020. Not only is email as exposed to snooping as a postcard, any email can be hosted on any server in the world, like a server in North Korea or China for example.

And email is dangerous for your organization internally. The less you depend on email, the more secure your entire operation is from social engineering and phishing attacks, the top security threats to every business.

From Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report:

  • 94% of malware attacks are delivered via email – Malware attacks from strangers are crushed on USpace, because you know every connection on USpace personally
  • Phishing attacks account for more than 80% of reported security incidents – Phishing is impossible on USpace because no one you aren’t connected to can even discover you are on USpace
  • 43% of all breaches included social tactics – USpace stops social engineering threats in their tracks, because you know every connection personally

No matter how many connections, every person and every organization is protected on USpace

Your external client and business relationships deserve basic security precautions you put in place to protect internal business messaging. USpace secures internal and external communications into a simple workflow.

Just because major businesses risk their clients’ data security millions of times a day doesn’t make it right, and it doesn’t mean your customers should accept it. The business that takes seriously the security of their clients today is building the business of the future.

USpace makes it possible.

Opening your business on USpace means inviting the most forward-thinking leaders and customers in your industry into your virtual business space, because you are working in the business space of the future.

Open your business to the world, secure business with your neighbor

Leapfrog corporate giants with USpace Business Membership

Add security, safety and privacy to critical business relationships while moving to an intuitive online workplace. 

For just $36/month, USpace opens your business to a world of opportunity. Transform your communications from sprawling and exposed phone, text and messaging apps and email, to a centralized, twice encrypted, secure network built for getting real business done. 

Buy USpace early and skip a $36 monthly payment...forever

100 $399 Lifetime Memberships are being pre-sold in advance of our monthly subscription of $36/month. As a thank you to our earliest adopters, 25 Lifetime Memberships were released in mid-April for just $99, a price that pays for itself in just 3 months. 

  • Check availability of USpace Lifetime Membership. Inventory is available on a first come, first served basis 
  • Add any available membership to your cart and checkout securely right here with Stripe
  • Membership can be paid by check or money order in Georgia and North Carolina
  • Last updated May 03, 2020

Just some of the USpace Lifetime Membership benefits

  • Be first to adopt cutting edge technology that blows away the competition and corporate practices
  • A lifetime subscription to USpace Gold business plan with all included features, currently $36/mo
  • Give any client in the world a secure channel with digital conference space at your business
  • Create a “need to know” feed customized to every staff member in your organization
  • Automatic enrollment into USpace's "First to the Future" program where you get access to information, opportunities and new features before other members
  • Discounts on premium features and programs for Lifetime Members only
  • Enterprise-level customer service and phone support for you and your clients
  • Free business visualization session to best deploy USpace to suit your business
  • USpace Lifetime Business Member PNG or JPG digital badge to display on your online properties, only available to Lifetime adopters before standard Business Membership sales begin
  • First access to expansion programs like virtual retail opportunities on USpace
  • Never pay a monthly subscription bill for USpace again
  • Membership to USpace Support on Facebook

Additional rewards for USpace Business Members in Fulton County, GA and Cherokee County, NC

  • Receive a $10 gift certificate to any participating local restaurant
  • Free black & white laser copies for pickup at our office locations

About USpace Public Membership

Anyone can connect to your business for free

As a business hosting a premium privacy space, you need access to your customers, clients, suppliers, vendors, staff – any key person or organization that you need to talk to, needs to be accessible to you on USpace.

As extraordinary as USpace is, it’s too early to expect all your clients or every organization you work with to buy a Business Membership to join you on USpace. This is why USpace Public Members can join and use USpace for free, forever.

Public Members enjoy many of the same protections and privileges as our Business Members, but for them it’s free to sign up as individuals to securely access your business and have access to the USpace network. Public Members can even host their own Private Rooms and invite others on USpace to join them in their private discussions.

As the benefits of a local and global business network built on a foundation of privacy becomes clear, people from other businesses may join you as a Business Member in the future. In the meantime, anyone – including people from other businesses, agencies and organizations – can join and connect with you on USpace as a Public Member for free.

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